You are in a relationship and could be seeing that the ship is sinking but you are still in there with the destroying agents taking over. The main reason might be because you feel that there is hope and think it is too early to quit then you need to look at the things below and work on them to start making your relationship stronger. These weakening agents all contribute a small degree in a great way to your relationship’s decline:
1.Lying: it’s never wise to lie to the person you are in a relationship with because lies slowly destroy the trust which on the contrary you are supposed to be building.
2.Keeping too much secrets: It is common for people to say our relationship failed when it became a long distance relationship. The real distance in a relationship is between hearts not places. With that I would say the distance between hearts reduces as we share more secrets and increases as we keep more things to ourselves.
3.Lack of attention: seriously, if I don’t have your attention it’s just a matter of time before I swing to those who realize my worthiness. Pay attention to your woman’s mood, new hairstyle, dressing and the likes and woman likewise compliment the good in your man. Most of the things we do in a relationship we do for our lovers hence their feedback is a necessity.
4.Breaking promises: as they always say, don’t make a promise when you are happy or a decision when you are angry. Be slow to make promises in a relationship because if you raise his/her hopes up and then lower them it will be just a matter of time before the see – saw game becomes annoying.
5.Lack of trust: “if you playing detective in a relationship then I think it’s time to move on”. A bit of jealousy is health but when you can’t even feel safe with your lover being around others of the opposite sex then the future is deem if you are not going to change your behavior. Also it’s vital to make every effort to earn your lover’s trust.
6.Not appreciating your differences: I am 100% sure that you are not dating your sibling so don’t expect him/her to be like you. If he is an orange and you are an apple accept it and appreciate that. Don’t make the mistake of trying to change the person you fall in love with cause the result may be someone you can’t live with and you find yourself asking the question – how did we end up here?
7.Not involving God: relationships are the foundation of marriage (a holy communion between man and woman set by God) thus let’s begin our relationship with him in it. If you can’t include him in your relationship will you do so in a relationship?


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