5 Top Signs That Lady Is The Right One For You!!!

Posted by: vicskid on October 4, 2013


Do you just let your gut feeling guide you or are there some signs to look out for that could help you confirm she is really the one? Well, many people think there are signs that help you know you have finally homed in on the “one”. Here are five of the much talked about ones.


1. Every One Is In Agreement: You know you have met the right person when everyone who matters to you is in complete agreement and support of the match. They don’t fall silent or disperse when you and your mate come into the room and are eager to invite your new girl friend to join in your group rumps. They enjoy her company and she enjoys theirs and everyone thinks she is great. They know you quite well and know what is good for you.

2. She Makes You Happy: If she lifts your spirit and makes you totally happy all the time, then she is the one. She seems to anticipate and meet your needs effortlessly and does not take you for granted. She is that special someone if she knows what you like and enjoys doing them. She totally has time and eyes only for you. Your moments together are magical and there is perfect communication between you both.

3. There Is Very Little Drama : A sign you are both a great match is that there isn’t the constant quarrels and misunderstandings over everything and very little things as you generally see in many unhealthy relationships around you. If there are no breakups and makeup, If she is thoughtful and exhibits supreme wisdom, care and respect for you, if you are both totally compatible, she is probably the one.

4. You Are Both Yourselves: A girl with whom you can totally be your real self with is a great find. If between the two of you things can be real – there are no games, no schemes, no pretence, no hidden agenda, no lies, no deceit, then you have found the right person. Being able to let all your guard down in a relationship and still feel safe is a great bonus in a relationship.

5. You Trust Her :- If you have no fear trusting her, if you can tell her anything and trust her with your personal secrets then you have found someone special. If she does not shrink away from the not so pleasant things about you, if you can trust her with your friends or with other men, if she holds up well even in difficult trying situations. Then you may have found yourself a mate……………………


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