Meet the Artist Who Paints With His Pénís (PHOTOS)


25He is an artist from Australia, whose nickname is Prickasso. The Australian gained a worldwide recognition as he uses his pénís instead of a paintbrush to create pictures!

The artist became popular after exhibiting on 10th Annual Sexexpo Show back in 2006. Tim presented his pictures and declared himself as the founder of a new genre – pénís-art.


Since then Tim Patch has really became a master of such an unconventional painting technique. More pictures after cut:



It’s really symbolic that Prickasso, who uses his child-making órgán, therefore gives birth to new pictures.



Tim Patch admits that he is more interested in drawing women’s portraits. Politicians celebrities and nature have a lower priority in his works.


It’s hard to imagine how these ladies feel, as they see a nakéd man is just several meters away from them. More pics after the cut:






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