Let’s be clear, procrastination and lack of focus is the deadliest enemy of productivity and ultimately success. The more focused we become the much more likely we are to achieve our goals and then some. It’s a law of nature that can’t be escaped. Need help focusing? Seven tried and true methods of getting point follow. Use them and watch your dreams become reality!

1. Set Daily Goals.

Smart and effective goal setting is the strong foundation of bringing focus to both your life and your projects. Daily goal setting is where it all begins. How does it work? Simple. Every morning when you wake write down in priority order your top four or five goals of the day. Give as much or as little detail as you find appropriate. Now make sure you accomplish them by referring back to your list periodically throughout the day. If you find yourself not meeting these goals it’s a clear sign you are allowing the unimportant to take away energy and effort from the important. Stop doing this and you will be much, much happier. Setting daily goals is a path to that happiness.

2. Set Long Term Goals.

Having long term goals set is the second half of your two punch goal setting combination. Having monthly and yearly goals will help you push forward when you feel your motivation lacking. A nice psychological trick that never fails to pay dividends is to have these long term goals posted on places like your bathroom mirror and your fridge. Even glancing at these in the background throughout your day will keep your focus levels high.

3. Cut Down on Multitasking.

Multitasking often equals many projects started and none finished. For the vast majority of people the tactic of focusing on one thing at a time works much, much better. Multitasking is one of the plagues of our modern age, one that bites into our ability to stay on point. Try an experiment where you refuse to multitask for a week and see what a difference it makes. I have a feeling you may never go back to it again.

4. Reward Your Accomplishments.

Positive reinforcement of your behavior when you do stay focused is a sure way to condition yourself to keep building up these positive habits. This leads to your subconscious associating being focused with pleasure and brings it on board with you. With all this in mind be sure to reward your accomplishments in this area, A nice dinner, a small gift for yourself and so on are all things that will help fuel your future accomplishments. This technique works wonders!

5. Stay Organized.

Keeping your home and work place neat and tidy is a sure way to boost focus by freeing the mind from incidental distractions. Messy and chaotic surroundings leads to chaotic thoughts which break focus. Order and cleanliness encourages focus and self-discipline, which will certainly turbo charge any of your efforts to get more out of life.

6. Exercise and Eat Healthy.

Often our lack of focus comes from biological and chemical reasons stemming from being unfit or using less than optimal fuel for our body. Even small amounts of exercise – in the neighborhood of thirty minutes a day five days a week will help your ability to focus much more easily. Add to this a clean and healthy diet and you will likely feel like a new person. One without scattered thoughts and one who accomplishes their goals with a smile on their face.

7. Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep.

Insomnia causes a major lack of focus in most people. Without at least eight hours of sleep for our brains and bodies to recharge it’s only natural for our focus to suffer greatly. Some studies have even shown a lack of sleep can cause a ten point drop in I.Q. scores! That’s hardly a good thing is it? There’s a few tricks to help getting to bed on time if you have difficulties; keep your bedroom cool, no caffeine after dinner, no television or radio while in bed and so on. Get your sleep and you will find your batteries charged and you’ll be more ready for whatever life has to offer.



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