Bad Habits
Kicking bad habits, especially if they have been things you have done since childhood, or an early age, may seem difficult to do. But, if you know what steps to take, and which corrective actions you have to make, you can stop these bad habits, regardless of how long you have been engaging in them, or how often you perform them on a daily basis. These are some of the easy ways to get rid of bad habits for you to take, when you want to make positive changes, and reinforce some of the negative behaviors that you engage in, in your life.

1. Set a goal and hold yourself to it –

Like resolutions, weight loss goals, diet changes, or any other positive changes we want to make, the first thing we have to do is to define the goals we have. Once you define the goals, you have to repeat them on a regular basis, and you have to hold yourself to attaining those goals. If you do not hold yourself accountable, you are going to continue with the habits. So, making sure you set and follow the goals you have set, is the first thing you have to do, when trying to cut out bad habits.

2. Get help –

If you have someone who can help you, whether it is a family member, friend, or even professional help, it is going to be much easier to stay on track than if you try to do it on your own. If you have others who know what your goals are, and your bad habits are, they can help keep you in check, and they can also hold you accountable when you step off track. So, find a support system, and find people who are going to let you know when you are doing wrong, in your goal to cut out bad habits.

3. Timelines & sub goals –

If you set a timeline by when you have to stop, and mini sub goals along the way, it is going to be much easier. If a habit you have is lying, it is going to make it impossible for you to stop from one day to the next. But, if you work in a set timeline, on how to modify, or change the behaviors, and the words you speak, and when you set smaller goals along the way, the task is going to seem far more manageable, and it is going to seem much easier for you to reach the end goal that you have set for yourself.

4. Don’t blame yourself –

Like anything you do, you are going to slip up and make mistakes along the way; we are human, and we are not perfect. So, give yourself the room to make mistakes, and do not hold yourself accountable for the mistakes or the minor step backs that you go through, when you are trying to modify behavior, and trying to cut out some bad behaviors that you engage in, in your life. Expect mistakes and set backs, do not blame yourself, and do not take too many steps back when you mess up. Get back on track, and try to get past the minor mistakes you do make, as recreating and teaching the brain to act in a different manner is going to take hard work on your part.

5. Add new behaviors –

Rather than subtract all your bad habits, and say “I want to stop doing ….”, you should instead reform this way of thinking. Instead of subtracting habits, try to change the bad habits that you have, to good habits. Try to add exercise, meditation, or other relaxing things such as reading to your list of good habits, and you will find it easier to cut the bad ones out. If you replace good habits, with the bad ones you are currently engaged in, you are not going to feel as much of a void. So, rather than cut things out of your life, and simply subtract the habits, try to reform, and try to change your mentality and way of thinking, so that you do good, and make positive changes, rather than just cut things out of your daily life that you have done for so long.


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